How This Works

Start by visiting the website for any of our featured MakeMyDeal dealerships. Once you find a vehicle, use MakeMyDeal to get out-the-door pricing including estimated fees. Send the terms of your deal to the dealership to begin communicating with a deal manager on the price, trade-in, and finance terms of your deal.

Complete these steps before sending your deal to the dealer for approval

  • Enter your Price Offer
  • Enter your Trade-in to get your estimated trade value
  • Select your credit score and desired term length for financing
  • Enter your cash down amount

You will receive an email or text alert from MakeMyDeal when the dealership representative responds to your offer by "accepting" or "countering" your deal. Use MakeMyDeal to finalize your terms before entering the dealership.

When you reach an agreement, you can "Accept" your deal to receive a Certificate to with instructions for completing your purchase.


How can I get started?

Begin by visiting one of the participating dealerships and select MakeMyDeal on any vehicle page to create or save your first offer.

What happens after I send my offer?

A dealership specialist will review your offer and respond by "accepting" or "countering" your deal.

How long does it take?

Each offer is reviewed by a live dealer specialist who will take into account the vehicle, your asking price, trade-in estimates, and any available discounts, rebates or incentives that can be applied. During business hours, this may take up to 60 minutes depending on traffic in-store.

Why is a "Payment Range" used?

We use a payment range to provide you the ability to receive quotes for a vehicle without supplying your personal information. Our payment range is the result of the estimates we use to calculate your Total Amount Financed. These estimates include Trade-In Values, Registration Fees, and Financing but do not include taxes. Your credit terms are estimates based on a credit score you provide. This is not an offer or a commitment to lend. All financing terms and conditions are subject to full credit underwriting and require a review of your credit history by a lender. Trade-In values are estimated based on your identified condition and the actual vehicle appraisal is subject to physical inspection and market conditions relevant to each store. For these reasons, we created a payment range so that shoppers can get a better understanding of their payment ranges without providing all of their personal information. Of course, when you are ready to move forward with a particular deal, you will be able to complete a credit application and provide the necessary details to confirm your exact monthly payment.

What happens when I "accept" an offer?

The dealership will be notified to confirm availability, reserve your vehicle, and send you the MakeMyDeal certificate to lock-in your deal. Each dealership can set their own policy for holding a vehicle, so pay close attention to your certificate expiration date (typically 24-hours). You will be sent instructions from the dealer to finalize the purchase of the vehicle at the dealership and complete the necessary paperwork. Typically you can complete the credit application online before visiting the store. Please note all deals are subject to credit approval, trade-in inspection, registration and dealership fees, and expiration.

What information does the dealership receive?

The dealer will receive your finance or lease deal terms which may include an Offer Price, Trade-In information, Estimated Credit, Term Length, Cash Down and other important details about the terms of your deal such as estimated fees.

Other information may also be necessary to facilitate your deal, such as your email address, vehicle registration address, or phone number.

We make every effort to display what information will be sent to the dealership. We do not sell or otherwise distribute your information to anyone that is not part of your deal communication.

If you receive any unwanted emails or phone calls from the dealer, ask them to use MakeMyDeal to streamline your experience.

Why do you ask for my email, zip code, and any other personal information?

We ask for your email so that we can send you updates and alerts on the deals that you create in your account. Your zip code is used to provide estimated fees and your local trade-in value. We collect this information securely and work with dealerships so they do not send unwanted emails or phone calls. Use our secure messaging platform for the best deal communication experience. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

How can I contact MakeMyDeal?

To Send Feedback, please email